damn you, summer tv

I’m supposed to be studying for the bar right?  So, clearly, I’m looking for something else to do instead (see below post re: Lost.).  I’m definitely going to have to stick with Lost.  I’m living at home (at least temporarily) and suddenly feel lacking in things to do (Studying?… nah.  Not on the list.)  So I have just spent a fairly embarrassing amount of time researching things to tivo on my parents’ tv.  I’m making my claim on the tivo.  That’s right.  But there is NOTHING to watch!  I found an article on televisionwithoutpity.com, and the prospects are grim my friends.

It seems to be a choice between the male version of Teen Mom (don’t get me wrong, I have in fact watched it (I just got out of law school, what else was I gonna do?  Study?  Pssh.), but I’m not expecting them to be mentioned at this year’s Emmys.)   This show, Dad Camp,  will be to train teenage deadbeat dads to be good upstanding underage baby daddies.  Likely.  Pass.

Next up, cashing in on the ridiculous, but sickeningly enticing in the way that a gruesome car crash is, phenomenon of the dirty jersey puppies, we have a show about a wedding planning boutique run by similar awesomely bad jersey folks.  If it’s not like the Nanny, count me out (though that was a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens, totally different.).  It’s also on Oxygen, so I feel like they might not have as may topless/bottomless/debaucherous scenes as Jersey Shore.  Next?

One hundred new cop dramas.  Wah wah.  Gimme something new.

Guess I’m stuck with The Bachelor Pad, for the people on the Bachelor and Bachelorette that STILL haven’t found ANYONE to sleep with.  Give it up already, people.  Join E-Harmony.  You probably will not be a reality star even after this.  Unless you date someone on the Hills, or maybe designed a line of cheapass perfume. Or flash an inappropriate body part for the ‘razzi.

So… It’s looking like Netflix and Nick at Night and Food Network for me this summer.  Wooooo.

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