politics and comics totally mix.

Carla Bruni Set to Star in Her Own Comic Book – StyleList.

First off, sorry I’ve left my loyal fans wanting for so long (all 3 of you…?)  Law school finals have called…  Done in a week though, and then I’ll be all up in your business.

Aaaanyways….  I love this:  the First Lady of France gets her own comic book.  This is a fun thing about France.  I mean, you won’t really see Laura Bush as a Marvel comic character any time soon (I think she was more a proponent of books with more… words…).  Maybe Michelle.  She’d be a badass superhero.

I love Carla.  She shows that you can be a serious public figure (or at the minimum be married to one…) and be hot and stylish and a pop singer.  I feel like that might not happen in this country (feel like JFK tried to keep Marilyn in the closet…).  Though maybe that’s because our current pop singers are Lindsay and Miley and GaGa (though I obviously hate to group GaGa with those two… no offense GaGa, I love you mostest).  (GaGa by the way also has her own comic book – hollerrrr).  My new life goal – be awesome enough to get a comic book.  I’m for sure checking this out.  As should you.


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  1. Alex

    You know there was a Spiderman meets Obama comic book…

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