kick off your shoes today!

If you haven’t heard of TOMS Shoes, you might be living under a rock.  TOMS is one of the coolest companies around, a for-profit company with a sense of social responsibility.  For every pair of shoes that TOMS sells, they send a pair to a child in need.  To date, they have given away more than 600,000 pairs of shoes!  For more info, check out their website RIGHT NOW:

Today is the One Day Without Shoes campaign to raise awareness about the global problem that children all over the world live without shoes.   Walking miles to school barefoot, contracting diseases that are ridiculously unnecessary and absurdly preventable.  The company was started after the founder, while vacationing in Argentina, learned that a lot of children were unable to attend school simply because they were required to have shoes, and didn’t.  Seems like such a small thing to change.

The business model of the company is incredible.  Instead of just donating shoes, the company is for-profit, so its resources are continuously renewed instead of the depletion that would come from a one-time donation.  This has allowed them to donate exponentially more shoes with this model than a simple donation.  For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy, one is donated to a child in need in a developing country.

Major departments stores have picked up on both the popularity of the shoes and the need to support a good cause – Nordstroms, Bergdorfs, CUSP.  Even Neiman Marcus is jumping on board with TOMS by offering limited edition special prints (slightly higher price, but come on, fashion for a good cause?  yes please!).  Check out some of the awesome styles (from

So, take a moment today, take your shoes off (or, better, go barefoot all day!) and think about being involved in this cause.  Check out One Day Without Shoes.  And spread the word!!

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