Peeps Show

Peeps Show IV –

Talk about people who have too much time on their hands.  Thank goodness, or I’d have NOTHING to do during Employment Law (clearly I’m not going to be taking notes, don’t be crazy.)  Every year apparently, Washington Post has a contest for who can make the best dioramas using those gross Peeps Easter candies that look like they’re made out of extremely unnatural materials.  These are ridiculous and awesome and, in my opinion, a way better use of that candy than to, you know, eat.  Check out the link above since I’m bad at technology and can’t figure out how to make these bigger without making them blurry.  Do it.

the winner



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2 responses to “Peeps Show

  1. Sarah

    We still get peeps every year for Easter, solely because I like to explode them in the microwave. Further proof that I have not yet matured.

  2. Mallory

    Not at all my creativity, but I’m making these for the annual Hughes-Elliot Easter debauchery dinner. Get excited.

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