the facebook and politics

I am among the very first generation of facebookers.  I come from back in the days when only a select group of schools were on the book – do any of you even remember when you had a to have a valid university email address to access it?  Didn’t think so.  Back in the days before “social networking” was a media term.  So, call me old fashioned, but this is just the way I was raised (by the Book) – the facebook is about playing!  I have always considered the book to be for social purposes only.  I’m a little squeamish about even using it as a business networking tool.  I think sites like LinkedIn are for that.  My boss need not see pictures of me on any sort of vacation, at any bar, or with my friends.

Facebook, in my oh so humble opinion, is meant for stalking future boyfriends (and their ex-girlfriends, obviously), for stalking classmates, for looking at pictures of people you barely know, for catching up with long-lost acquaintances (many of whom again, you barely know).  So, therefore, I DO NOT want to hear about your opinion of the healthcare bill.  I’m sorry, I just don’t.  It’s clogging up my news feed that should be left to much more important information, such as the breakup of someone I barely know from someone I probably don’t know.  And if you MUST post something about politics in your status, PLEASE know what you’re talking about.  Pretty please.  Don’t make me defriend you.  Love, Beast.


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2 responses to “the facebook and politics

  1. Nic

    As a snob, I very much support a return to the days when Facebook was limited to top-tier universities.

    In addition to removing political blather (though I did love Sarah’s death panel rant), I would like to remove all housewives. I do not think babies and housework are appropriate status updates.

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