5 to 2 odds my hopes and dreams are dashed.

Prince William engagement to Kate Middleton 5 to 2 Odds | Sports Odds.

Odds that I will marry Prince William….diminishing (for a while there I thought I had a pretty good chance…).  There goes a life goal down the tubes.  What a great website though!  This site, sports-odds.com clearly goes beyond sports.  Much needed, I say, despite the fact that I think March Madness is the most wonderful time of the year.    They have the odds for both Prince William and Harry’s probable (?) engagements, as well as several other celebrity pairs.  While Wills and his girlfriend’s odds are 5:2, Harry’s are 10:1.  Despite the fact that growing up I totally worshipped Wills, I’d really rather marry Harry.  I don’t need all that spotlight.  So that’s not really looking good for me either.  Hmmph.  (Don’t you judge me, I know everyone else is equally fascinated by royals – hence why Vanity Fair has a whole blog about them…which I adore)

I would loooove to know how they arrived at these numbers.  Or why I didn’t think to make up some myself.  Now…I just wonder what a bookie would say if I called one to put money on a royal engagement… Do they have a celebrity book in Vegas?  I shall look into this when I’m supposed to be paying attention in class.


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