go here: mulberry, austin

I realize that most places I talk about/recommend are wine bars of some form, but that is just a (happy) coincidence that good places to eat also tend to have a great selection of wine.  Sue me.  My roommate and I had a lovely little Valentines  brunch date this weekend at Mulberry, in downtown Austin, in the 360 tower.  The mimosas were so yummy (and strong, oh darn…) and the food was absolutely phenomenal.  The menu was very small, as was the place in general, and most of the seats are at the bar, but it made for a fun, intimate setting.  We talked to the other people at the bar as well as the servers and it was just really cute and casual.  I had french toast which was pretty  much like dessert, and my roommate had amazing looking blueberry pancakes.  And heart-shaped home-made sausage for Valentines – which of course we took a picture of (see roomie’s blog for more info).

I definitely will be going back for a real dinner and wine time.  We didn’t even begin to sample the wine selection, so I’ll clearly have to be a good little investigative reporter and do my homework.  It’s a hard life.  Just for you people.  And, unlike the last wine bar I recommended (where my roommate left our phone numbers on the bill)…we can return to this one without losing face.  Oy.


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2 responses to “go here: mulberry, austin

  1. Mallory

    I want us to have casual brunches with mimosas!!! Missing the motherland… .

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