RIP Alexander McQueen

Sad news!  Alexander McQueen passed away today at the age of 40, and on the first day of New York fashion week no less.  Now, I’m neither 1) cool enough, nor 2) rich enough to own or have worn anything that he’s made, but if there was anyone that pushed the envelope and treated fashion as art, this is your man.  Whether you like them or not, his designs are…something.  He’s dressed Lady Gaga (heart), if that tells you anything.  Before starting several of his own labels, he was the head designer of Givenchy, reviving, in my opinion, the brand made famous by Audrey Hepburn (so clearly he’s…um…modernized… the brand, in the footsteps of John Galliano).

Here, in my opinion, are some of his most artistic, architectural designs. This is not about what is wearable or realistic – all of his designs evoke a sense of fantasy, exoticism, and haute couture that you just really don’t see very much these days.

This is a sad loss for the fashion world.


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