the deep end

“We are lawyers, we make up stuff all the time.”  Ahhh, something I shall strive for in my career.  I finally got around to watching the Deep End, the new tv show about first year associates at some big L.A. law firm.  I was extremely skeptical because 1) the commercials didn’t even look all that good, and 2) the show was clearly developed before the horrible downslump in the legal industry (or general economy, but you know) so that this ideal of a rich fabulous law firm might not be as realistic these days as it might have been a few years ago.  But not one to pre-judge (ok, that’s a total lie I do it ALL the time), we tivoed the show.  It’s been on for a few weeks so I had 3 saved up.  Here’s a tip if you want to be a true boob-tuber like me:  When one starts a new show, it’s often good to watch several episodes at one time to see if you really want to commit to it first.  Pilots aren’t really all that good anyways.

So, it’s been watched.  First off, totally unrealistic.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  NO ONE would want to watch a show about how most lawyers’ lives really are.  Yawn.  This firm apparently does both plaintiff class-action suits and all sorts of defense work.  If all you just read was wah wah wah wah (a la the teacher in Peanuts) the summary is that it’s not real.  First year associates also seem to be having a LOT more fun that I expect to have next year.  Here’s hoping I’m wrong on that part.  Most cases are not all that fun.  And, by the way, very few cases actually go to court so most legal shows are way off base there.  Though again, no one wants to watch a show about people sitting in the office.  Wait, there IS a show about people sitting around in the office… But we really probably only need the one.  Final beat of unreality in the show:  all the HOT people.  Yeeeeah.  That one I’m definitely not complaining about.  I wish that was real in life.  I’d be way happier about all the hours I’m about to have to work.

Sex in the law firm really makes me miss Boston Legal.  By far my favorite legal show.  James Spader and William Shatner are amazing.  All the girl lawyers are hot and dress well, so I like to pretend that that’s how I’ll be when I grow up.  The show is totally absurd, which I think is the basis of its greatness.  Even when they were canceled and about to go off the air, the characters on the show made references to the network and to other offers that had.  Art mirrors life.  Awesome.

In summary, I tend to appreciate shows that romanticize my future career that will in fact has a high probability of being dull and boring.  But until then I can pretend that instead of contracts review, that I will actually just be having wild sex with all my super hot fellow counsel in my office and not actually doing any real work.  That’s real right?  It’s like Grey’s Anatomy for wannabe doctors.  So, the show’s not awesome.  But…I’m not trying to do too much homework this semester, so I’ll give it a go.  Plus, there are really cute boys on it.  One track mind.


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6 responses to “the deep end

  1. jj1960

    I have not seen The Deep End, but like you Boston Legal is by far my favorite legal show. I really miss Alan and Denny and their creators James Spader and William Shatner…they truly were amazing in their roles. Best wishes for a successful career in your chosen field, and maybe catching one of those cute lawyers. For myself, I think I would take Alan Shore…now there would be a hand full.

  2. urbanebeast

    I love Alan Shore too! I feel like you don’t want to, but can’t help it.

  3. jj1960

    Oh no, I absolutely adore Alan Shore; to me he is the most interesting character ever created for TV and I love love James Spader. I just think that any woman who would become involved with a real person exactly like AS would have a rocky road of it because he is not at all stable in male-female relationships. Alan carries with him a lot of psychological damage from his early life.

  4. Mallory

    I kinda like the Deep End… but comparing it to Boston Legal is like setting it up for failure…

  5. jj1960

    At least for any fan of Boston Legal I think that is very true. It has taken me over a year to start watching TV again after they took off my beloved BL…everything else on the air seemed so ordinary and not worth my time. I still am being very picky, but at least now I am turning on the tube to take a look.

    Thinking lawyers, I have seen James Spader in RACE a couple of times on Broadway and he is fantastic. Some folks have commented that they see Alan in his performance, but I do not. Sure he looks a little like Alan with glasses and he sounds a lot like Alan, but otherwise I do not think of him at all during the performance. As Spader has said, he really doesn’t think they would like each other very much.

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