grammy love

So I’m a little behind on my awards shows this season.  Didn’t touch the SAGs, fast fowarded through the Golden Globes, as I will likely do for the Oscars.  After watching the Red Carpet parts and being mean and judgy about all the outfits.  Obviously.  But the one show that I do really enjoy watching is the Grammys.  Mostly because there’s less chatter and more awesome performances.  Plus you have way more characters (hello Gaga!) than at any of the movie awards.

High points for me:

1.  Green Day’s Broadway Musical – ummm, yes!  According to my roommate: “LIFE should be a musical”.  So there you have it.  Even for Green Day.  I was surprised that the song they performed was so…musical if you will…and less…Green.  And punky.  Despite that small flaw, I think I’ll definitely be seeing it.  Read more about  American Idiot here.

2.  Lea Michelle from Glee!:  Best dressed.  First off, I love Glee!, and I think this girl can do no wrong.  Her dress is absolutely amazing!  Hello legs!  I also reeeeeally love the feathers.

3.  Gaga.  Always.  Love.  Love love love.  She’s so crazy and does what she wants and I dig it.

Where do I sign up for my invite for next year?


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  1. Sarah

    Ok…Gaga’s leg/hip area looks a little gross to me. BUT I want Lea’s dress for law prom…

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