communism was just a red herring

Last night I attended a murder mystery party at my friends’ house.  Yes, like Clue (LOVE Clue, more on this later).  We used a boxed murder mystery game that one of the guests actually acquired from Goodwill several years ago.  Talk about recession entertainment!  It was a total blast.  All the guests were assigned characters when they were invited (letters in the mailbox, very old time-y and awesome.  You forget how nice it is to see things other than bills and job rejection letters in the mailbox these days)  and arrived dressed for the part.  I’m pretty sure this only works if everyone attending is actually into it, and we had a great crowd.

My character was a 1920’s nightclub (read: brothel hollerrrr) owner from Paris who had escaped Russia during the revolution.  All other characters were of similar caliber and scandalousness (new word).  So you go around and trade clues, accuse people of things, and work together to solve the murder.  Word of caution:  if you invite law students, prepare for some serious interrogation and cross-examination.  Anyways, it turns out the solution to the murder was soo ridiculous that there was little way that anyone not cheating could have figured out how the dude died, but it was really interesting and I think everyone had a blast.  Recommend.

Of course when I got home, I had to watch Clue.  Top 5 all-time favorite movies for me.  I recognize that it’s ridiculous but I think it’s hilarious every single time.  “Everything alright?”  “Yup, two corpses, everything’s fine”  Come on!  Shit’s funny.  I’m sure I’m super annoying to watch with because I quote the lines before they even happen.  And laugh every time like I’ve never heard the jokes before.  But really, how brilliant is it to make a movie out of a board game???  Movies just don’t come like this these days.  My favorite part is that there are 3 alternate endings.  Kind of like Choose Your Own Adventure.  Someday I will have a Clue themed party.  I’m slowly collecting people who appreciate the movie as much as I do, cause naysayers will NOT be invited.



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5 responses to “communism was just a red herring

  1. Mallory

    -Why is J. Edgar Hoover on your phone?
    -I don’t know he’s on everybody else’s, why shouldn’t he be on mine?

    Ps murder mystery party sounds fantastic!!

  2. Nic

    F – fl – flames, on the side of my face…

    I better be invited to this Clue party missy!!

  3. urbanebeast

    of course you both will be invited as two of the aforementioned people that love and appreciate clue!

  4. Nic

    I’m going home and sleep with my wife.

  5. urbanebeast

    “how many husbands have you had?
    “mine or other women’s?”
    “5. yes, just the 5.”

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