a huge price for free travel

Free Eurail Passes: Will You Tattoo Their Logo On Your Body?.

This is a really quick blurb about a dude who tattooed the Eurail logo onto his body in the hopes of getting attention and getting two free Eurail passes for his parents as an anniversary gift.  He is unemployed (and if the picture in the article is actually him, already quite tattooed), so he thought that acting as a walking billboard would entitle him to free passes.  Aaaaand it worked!  Really.  Plus, if 5,000 people follow him on the facebook, then he gets to go too!  I would say this is super unfair, but he’ll have tattoo for the rest of his life that says Eurail, so I guess there’s a trade-off there.  Though, if he gets free shit, then I guess it’ll be a memory of a ridiculous story.

In trying to decide whether this is something that is completely unreasonable or only a little unreasonable (hah!), I did a little research.  For the full 21 country pass for 3 consecutive months for a first class passenger, it can run you more than $2100 per person.  It’s a bit cheaper if you buy two together.  But this is the Ferrari of the Eurail passes – many other lengths of time and country combinations are way more reasonable.  So…I guess I could see how if this is the one and only thing that your parents want and you have no other way to get it…it’s an option? (?!?!).  The odd thing (as if all of the rest of this is totally reasonable) is that the tattoo appears to be on his back.  So, in fact, he’s not actually a walking billboard unless he’s at the beach.   Or running around naked…which I guess is probably more acceptable in Europe.  Maybe the company just felt bad for a guy that mutilated his body with their logo without striking a deal first…  As a soon to be lawyer though, I’m unsympathetic.  You need to think of these things in advance.  In the meantime, I’ll probably just hitchhike through Europe.  Or, gasp, pay for shit.

The article did ask for reader feedback on what they would do to get free travel, so check back in there.  There’s sure to be some bizarre crap.

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