yes, they do make wine in texas

One of my friends’ favorite things to do in Austin (really Hillcountry/Austin outskirts) is to go wine tasting.  Now, I realize it’s no Napa, but there are tons of super cute vineyards within an hour’s drive of Austin that make surprisingly decent wine (now, no one’s ever accused me of being overly picky about my wine – I do know what I like, but I don’t turn down too many glasses of wine).  Yesterday we went to two vineyards that I hadn’t previously been to – Driftwood Estate Vineyards and Mandola Estate Winery.  Totally different, both pretty fun.  Driftwood had good wine and an absolutely amazing view from a hilltop overlooking the vineyard.  It was much smaller and more casual though – the tasting room was in a structure akin to a trailer.  But I preferred the wine to the second.   Mandola’s is clearly more visitor-friendly.  The buildings were all Tuscan styled, very nice and new.  We tried 10 wines each here – and not one of those little tasting pours.  We’re talking probably almost half a glass of each wine.  By the end, we were…well, you know… floating in grape juice.  We finished the day with dinner at Mandola’s and it was absolutely amazing Italian food (though I’m sure after all the wine I would have loved eating a piece of tree bark). I’ll go back to both of these no doubt.

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  1. Nic

    Tasting wine in a trailer? That reminds me of the best CatchPhrase exchange ever –

    N: “You find this around white trash houses”
    L: “Pink wine!”

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