GaGa and Haiti

Lady Gaga Haiti Relief T-Shirt  | Lady Gaga Haiti Relief T-Shirt | Shop the Lady Gaga Official Store.

Ok, it must be said.  I kind of love GaGa anyways.  I follow her on twitter (don’t judge me for that or the fact that I do follow people on twitter – I used to judge – I’m reformed).  She calls her fans little monsters and just drinks all the time – how can I dislike that??  I think she is a marketing/branding genius.  NO ONE else can get away with the stuff she pulls, the things she says, and particularly those ridiculous outfits.  Whether you like her style or not, I love that she just can do whatever she wants and can get away with it.  She’s turned herself into an icon ridiculously fast.

So, all that said, I think it’s awesome that she’s selling tshirts with all proceeds going to relief in Haiti.  Check them out at the link above and buy away!  Also, all proceeds from her next concert in NYC go straight to Haiti.


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