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Though I have found much convincing evidence that New Years Resolutions are a bunch of hooey, or at least unreasonable and counterproductive, being the optimist that I am (haha, not really, but see resolutions #1), I’ve decided to go ahead with it anyways.  Are they more real if you post them online?  I’m not sure that anyone that actually reads this will hold me accountable, but maybe having them written down will help?  Who knows… anyways.  I tend to have too many resolutions to the point of not remembering any of them after a month or so…at least I can look them up online later.  We’ll see if anything changes this year.

1.  No more baditude.  Gonna try to work on that whole glass half full business (though if you know how i drink, you’d know that in reality, my glass tends toward the empty side haha).  Ignore this resolution any time I feel the need to post any kind of rant on my blog.  That’s what they’re for.  Like diaries.  Leave me alone.

2.  Read a book a month.  Yup, I”m not shooting for the stars here, I’m in law school, and let me tell you, Federal Income Tax just doesn’t really make you want to read any more once you get home from the library (unless you’re my lovely roommate who loves tax…).  The whole point really is to avoid some bad reality tv and read something real.  Occasionally.

3.  Go to a new continent.  Post-bar exam – hollerrrrr.  Don’t care if I have to take out a new loan…It’s happening.  So Asia or Africa, I’m open to suggestions.  This summer will be my last big break before I’m a lawyer and a grownup and never get to take a vacation ever again, so I’m determined to make it count.

4.  Eat more vegetables.  Preferably ones that I’ve cooked myself.  So I guess the real one is to cook more.  People (especially my family) think I’m totally undomestic.  But that’s really not the case.  They usually just assign me to open the wine (obviously I’m excellent at that one).  But there is a difference between being unable to cook and not cooking.  Swear.

The government has posted online some of the most common New Years Resolutions.  They are the typical expected ones:  lose weight, quit smoking, get in shape, save money, manage debt, quit drinking (oh please, clearly I’m not voting on this one), get a new job, better education, etc.  It’s funny that everyone has the same ones.  Same problems.  Same perceived solution to those problems.  But people make the same resolutions year after year and nothing changes.  I can’t really comment on that actually because I can’t for the life of me remember what, if there were in fact any, my resolutions were.  Probably the same.  And I am aware that mine are pretty much the same as everyone else’s too.  Whatever.   I may have one or two more up my sleeve that I care not to share with the whole interweb.  My lovely roommate makes resolutions for pretty much every holiday, including birthdays and sometimes non-real holidays.  I think that’s a good move.  No point in waiting until a new year to change your life.  Do it now!  Maybe I’ll come up with a new resolution by tomorrow for the National Championship (Hook ’em Horns!!).

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  1. I think I can really help with resolutions 1 and 4, and maybe 2 too since reading more is one of my resolutions . I want NOTHING TO DO with resolution number 3. Maybe a National Championship resolution could be to attend (and tailgate before) more Longhorn sporting events in the spring?

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