ringing in the new year

Despite the fact that I’ve had nothing to do since exams more than two weeks ago, I have yet still found little time to blog.  I’m sure you’ve all been deeply disappointed.  Now that people are going back to work, I assume you’ll need something to do aside from, well, work!  Now that I’ve had some days to recover, I’m ready for my NYE post.  Usually, I’m the surly anti-new years eve ridiculousness kind of person, mainly because I feel like people build it up to be the best night of the year and then it never turns out to be that way.  This year, though, I must say, was not the case.

The night started out with a concert by Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra at the Wyly Theater of the Dallas Performing Arts Center.  First off, if you have not been to the center, go now.  It’s amazing.  The whole complex consists of a new opera house, the Wyly theatre which is convertible and can change and shift into various setups, and then an outdoor park and music venue.  Awesome, awesome.

Ultrasonic Rock Orchestra was also awesome, if not a tad bizarre.  There were like 20 people on stage, some playing instruments, some singing, some…really just seemed to be up there dancing around.  They did covers of old rock songs like Queen and Led Zeppelin.  There was a dude in an almost-floor length matrix-style leather jacket.  So that was fun.  Actually they were all…characters.  But all rocked.  And many were up for dance offs at the after party upstairs, as it turned out.

The afterparty was on the top floor of the theater, complete with open bar, dj/dance floor, and breakfast burritos (a ridiculously good idea when open bar is sponsored by Grey Goose and pretty much everyone is downing vodka like it’s their job).  All in all, totally successful New Years.  Hope this bodes similarly for the entire rest of the year.


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