hottest countries (this is not weather related)

Best-Looking Locals: Australia – Bing Travel.

I realize I put a lot of surveys on here , or top 10 lists or whatnot, but whatever.  I like them.  Sue me.  How else am I to prioritize where I should go???  This one has been very helpful!  The following are the countries with the hottest locals (unclear whose opinion this is):

1.  Australia

2. India

3.  Argentina

4. Brazil

5.  Ukraine

6.  Somalia

7.  Japan

8.  Iceland

9. Thailand

10.  Spain

11. Venezuela

12.  Sweden

Here are my thoughts.  Don’t care that they’re unsolicited (wait, you’re reading MY blog so I can do what I want).  I like to think I have good taste in deciding hotness.  Unfortunately, I don’t have enough travel experience to reeeally have something to say.  So that makes me sad.  All of these countries are therefore added to my list if they were not previously there.  Don’t think that that excludes Somalia.

Argentina:  agreed.  Brazil, however, I was slightly disappointed.  I might need some feedback from my travel buddy here, but when I was in Rio, I was shocked by the number of people that probably did not need to be wearing a Brazilian thong on Copacabana beach.  Just sayin’.  This could all be a matter of misplaced expectations.  I mean, did anyone really think that EVERY person from that country is going to look like Giselle???  I guess I might have.  That’s really it on my feedback on this list.  I do know someone from college that was from Ukraine and he’s adorable.  So they get a check too.  Though I have only been to part of Sweden for part of a day, one of the few guys I saw looked like Brad Pitt.  So there’s that.  Also, I’d go ahead and add Denmark to the list.  I’ve never felt so short, non-thin, non-blonde, and pale in my life.


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One response to “hottest countries (this is not weather related)

  1. Nic

    I think I probably give Brazilians more credit than you do, but I do agree that there were more fat asses on the beach than I expected. Sweden should definitely be moved closer to the top, and I would cross Japan and Thailand off the list altogether. Unless you have a fondness for ladyboys, who I suppose might be considered beautiful by some standard…

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