boys can’t park here.

Global Times – Women only parking.

um, this is completely ridiculous.  If you choose not to read the above link (which is silly cause it’s super short, and also,  would I steer you wrong?), here’s the jist:  there is a parking lot in China that is dedicated just to women.  It’s kindly designed with wider spaces for female drivers since we suck at parking apparently.  All of us.  Enough of us to engineer a place to continue the stereotype of bad women drivers.  I don’t mind saying that I’m an excellent driver (cue Rainman voice here; …excellent driver.), and have never bonked anything parking.  So that’s just not fair.   In addition, the parking lot is decorated in pink and purple and cartoons.  Now, that’s so thoughtful.  I loooove all of those things…pause…not.  Gross.  Come ON!  And there are parking guides in case you can’t figure out what to do.   Sometimes it is very hard…  Usually, you’re not going to hear anything with a feminist type of leaning coming out of my mouth (keyboard?), but this is over the top and totally ridiculous.  And frankly, I am embarrassed to have to read that.

Apparently there are also pink taxis in Russia just for us girly girls.  I don’t get what that’s even about.  Finally, they mentioned women-only subway cars in Japan.  Now, I might could get on board with that one actually.  There are creepy people on the subway.  Potential rapists and murderers (I guess?).  If nothing else, sometimes boys are stinky.  So I get that a little.  But a parking lot??  I’ve said it several times, but just once more:  RIDICULOUS.

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