read all day!


Ahhh I’ve survived!  Made it through exams!  Only one more semester left of this business.  Eeeesh.  I got out of my last exam yesterday, so I’ve really been spending my time since then planning what I’m going to do on my month of freedom.  Pretty much all I’m planning on doing is going to the gym, watching movies, drinking wine, and reading!!  I LOVE reading, but law school has really been cramping my style in that arena.  Reading all day at school makes it sooo difficult to come home and pick up another book, even if it’s a fun book!  Thus, I end up watching crappy tv.  And probably becoming dumber.   So I’m really excited to get back to reading.  For fun.  On purpose.

I recently found a website of a woman who made it her goal to read a book a day for an entire year.  A book a day for a year!!  My first reaction was who has the time for that?!?  The woman is a housewife, so I guess that explains some things.  But I mean, don’t you need to be like, watching your kids or something?  I wonder if having to finish a book in a day takes something away from it.  Especially since I spend the majority of my days reading boring gigantic textbooks, reading a non-school book is such a luxury.  I feel like knowing that you have to get through a book takes something away from the enjoyment of being able to escape and relax.  Anyways, the woman did reach her goal of a 365 books in a year.  She’s made comments and reviewed all her books on her website.  Check her out:  It’s a great source for book reviews if you can’t find anything to read.

I kind of have a book shopping addiction (in addition to my fashion shopping addiction – suprise!).  I have an entire shelf of books that I haven’t read, but if I step into a book store, there is not a chance that I’m leaving with fewer than three books.  I can’t even decide what to read first.  I usually read non-fiction almost exclusively, but I think that I need to get back to fiction sometimes, to mix it up.  You can only read so many books about Bosnia and genocide before you start to get a little depressed, hah.

I think this is going to be my goal list for Christmas break.  Unlike that woman, I’m NOT shooting for a book a day.  That’s just bananas.  I’m shooting for some variety though.  Suggestions welcome too!

The Master and the Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov

Killing Pablo, Mark Bowden

Living to Tell the Tale, Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Raymond Chandler short stories

[Need a classic here – maybe Dostoevsky]

Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell

The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand

Who knows, I will probably go into the bookstore and find 8 different books – I tend to get carried away…


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  1. Mallory

    Read the Master and Margarita first. I wanna know what you think

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