Givenchy Tops Hepburn Auction

Givenchy Tops Hepburn Auction – This Week – What’s Right Now – Fashion – In Style.

I’m supposed to be studying for corporate finance right now, but I just had to post this blurb because 1. I love Givenchy and wish I was fancy enough to dress like this; 2.  I love love LOVE Audrey Hepburn and don’t eeeven know what I would have done if I could have gone to an auction of her clothes; and 3.  How to Steal a Million, where the above dress came from, is probably one of my top 5 favorite movies.  Not just old movies either.  Of all time.  It’s up there with Philadelphia Story.  She wears amazing clothes in this movie, I believe all made by Givenchy.  This dress sold for almost $98,000.  Sheeeesh.  Amazing.  And look how cute Peter O’Toole is.  Oh, old movies, how I love thee.  Can’t wait till finals are over and we can reunite.  If you haven’t seen How to Steal a Million, get on it.  Right away.  Such a good, quirky heist movie/comedy/romance.

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