personal sins

Tiger Woods Apologizes for His ‘Sins’ – Scandals & Feuds, Tiger Woods :

Just a quick comment here.  First I want to preface this by stating that I clearly don’t support cheating.  And frankly, if you’re married to someone that hot, with WHOM are you cheating?  (This applies to the idiots that cheated on Elizabeth Hurley, Sienna Miller and Reese Witherspoon – really?  A stripper?  An ugly nanny?  COME ON y’all!  I don’t know why you think you can do better!).  Back to the point, while I think it’s horrible that Tiger had an affair, I do NOT in fact think that it is the business of the entire country.  I realize people felt that they’ve been let down by him, but really…did you KNOW him?  Huh?  I get the whole him being a role model deal, but I mean, it’s his private life.  And, he’s not a god, he’s human.  AND, isn’t there anything else going on that we should maybe be paying attention to instead?  Oh, you know, like Afghanistan?  The economy?  Gay marriage in New York?  All the big museums in Paris closing?  …ad infinitum…



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2 responses to “personal sins

  1. A.J.

    I agree. From what I’ve been hearing (though trying to avoid) on the major news outlets, is that because his professional fortune has been built on the public adoration, he can’t now keep us out.

    It’s all or nothing, apparently.

    That’s a scary thought, especially as the average Joe and Jane’s lives are now more public (FB, blogs, Google, Google Maps, etc.) than ever before in history.

    If I was Tiger though, I wouldn’t even break a sweat. Win a few tournaments and the public will forgive (they’ve forgiven worse). Or just retire to your money bin.

  2. Nic

    Okay, now that the mistress count is up to TEN and it appears Tiger was drunk and/or on a heavy dose of prescription drugs when he drove into a tree, I think you may need to change your mind.

    Yes, it is his personal life. But he has been paid millions (billions?) of dollars to be the face of Nike, Accenture, and the like. Not in an “I’m a good golfer and I like Nike products” kinda way, mind you, but in an egotistical “I am Tiger Woods” kinda way.

    I think he should pay back half of his endorsement royalties, give the other half to Elin, and slink off into the sunset.

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