show a little leg!

Women ‘should bare 40 per cent of their bodies to attract men’ – Telegraph.

Now I’m no statistician (hell, I can barely spell it), but something about the methodology in this article seems a little, well, unsound.  Nonetheless, I got no boyfriend, so maybe I should take note.  To get boys, show 40% of your skin.  As a tall girl, this seems like there may be a few more consequences to this article than for a shorter little lady – I mean, we’ve got to be talking several inches AT LEAST.

Now, I guess the idea behind these “scientific results” does seem fairly intuitive.  Be suggestive, but not slutty.  La la la.  But really, I doubt that your success at a bar is tied to the percentage of skin that you’re showing.  Come on, a butterface with the body of Giselle probably still ain’t getting any.  Maybe vice versa, but hard to say, as I am not, in fact, a dude.

And really?  They act like Liz Hurley in Versace is failing this rule?  Get outta here.  There is not one guy I know (or maybe even girl for that matter – I mean, come on, she’s smokin’) that is going to reject her for wearing too little clothing.  Really?? REALLY?  If I had her body, you can be for dang sure I’m sluttin’ it up.

I am, however, thinking about maybe dropping out of law school to do some anthropological field research.  See you at the bar.


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  1. Ha, actually I think it’s the other way around. A not-so-cute woman with a tight body will almost certainly get more play than vice-versa. Especially in a bar situation.

    I think it’s the 80/20 principle, or something like it.

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