Hotties. Here.

America’s Favorite Cities, 2009 Most and Least Attractive People – Slideshows – Travel + Leisure.

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Ahhhahaha.  Of COURSE someone decided to rank attractiveness of people by city.  Apparently I will be moving to Miami.  I like dark and handsome (and scruffy)… so that sounds good to me!

Austin is ranked #5, which seems a little surprising to me.  Or anyone that doesn’t go for full tattoo sleeves, gauged ears and ratty clothes.  Or general homelessness.  To be fair though, Austin pretty much kicked the crap out of Dallas in most of the categories ranked.  Or any other city I tend to frequent.  Maybe I shall need to launch a search for all these attractive people in this town…who’s in?


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  1. Sarah

    Need I even reply?

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