World’s Strangest Monuments

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The World’s Strangest Monuments – Articles – Travel + Leisure.

I totally need to redo my travel list.  I need to go to ALL of these places. Though to be fair, a lot of these countries are already places I want to go – now I just have MORE of a reason to do so!  Some of these monuments are so absurd, you have to wonder how they were allowed to be in public.  I particularly enjoy the Child Eater statue, so that really moves Bern up on my list.

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I have only been to two of these:  Saint Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse in Prague and Memento Park in Budapest.  Wenceslas, though I wouldn’t say too far off the beaten path, is not a general tourist stop on the list of things to see on a backpacker’s weekend in Prague.  They’re probably in the casinos and pubs, if not somewhere seedier.  I probably only managed to see this monument because I lived there for 6 months.  It’s pretty awesome though that something irreverent is on public display, since they seem to be quite serious about their patron saint around those parts.

Memento Park, I feel, is a must-see in Budapest.  It’s not as quirky as some of the other places in this slideshow, but it is very cool, and definitely unique.  Though really, I’m not sure that I saw enough of the cultural sites in Budapest to really be a great tour guide in that area.  But, if you do make it there, there is also an island in the middle of the Danube that has trampolines.  You pay per minute to jump.  Worth it!   Not a tourist stop, but it really took up a great amount of our time.  Come to think of it, our weekend in Budapest was like a little kid birthday party.  Trampolines, go-karts, very few cultural things in museums, etc.  Also, we went to a Mongolian barbeque (twice) – about 15 different species of animal were consumed among our group.  So maybe if you do head to Hungary, consult a guidebook, or Travel & Leisure, and maybe not me…

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