my DVR stresses me out.


(I assume) that some of the major purposes of the DVR invention are to 1. relieve people of the stress of missing their favorite shows, 2. relieve people from having to schedule their life around their tv, and 3. to allow people to tape and watch several shows at one time.  Really, my DVR is one of the better things that has ever happened to me in my life.  I don’t know how I would have dealt with law school if a long night at the library wasn’t rewarded by amazingly bad tv waiting for me when I got home, no matter what time.

That said, I am very much behind on the tv I have recorded to watch, the DVR is filling up, and I’m stressed out!  I haven’t yet watched a lot of my regular shows from last week, so this week, I’m being lapped!  I’ve already missed the Glee watching party at my house last night because I hadn’t seen the one from the week before.  It’s just a terrible problem.  I just am not sure I have time to study anymore with all the shows I need to catch up on.  I’ll tell the law firm that when they want to know why my grades have dropped.  I’m SURE they’ll understand.

It is very sad that a device intended to clear up more time and make life easier is making me more stressed.  I guess that’s the way that technology goes these days.  I get nervous and upset when I’m separated from my blackberry.  As if the world as I know it will end if that crappy piece of plastic is beyond my reach (hey, that might be real…).  How do I take control of my DVR (and my life!)?  If you tell me to watch less tv, don’t talk to me.  That’s NOT even an option.


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