Forgotten Modern Classics

Everyone that knows me knows I love old movies.  Everyone also never wants to watch them with me, weird.  But this weekend I rediscovered my love for what you kids might call “old” movies, but really are more of the modern classics (in my book of course).  When I mean old, I’m usually talking 1930’s It Happened One Night or Philadelphia Story (no, Tom Hanks is not in it…that’s just plain Philadelphia).  Not what I mean here.  I guess I need a new term.  I’m talking golden days of Goldie Hahn, Diane Keeton-older.  Like 1970’s to ’80’s but NOT brat pack (though not anti-them either except for Molly Ringwald.  She’s just irritating).  Anyways.  Focus.  Looking at my list I’ve got going here, I see there is a theme.  Kind of the you-go-girl, do-what-you-want, take charge of your life kind of movies.  They just don’t make movies like these any more.  I mean, Legally Blonde…not the same.  Too cheesy.  Too girly.  These are cute comedies that aren’t overly ridiculous.  A lot of them still have some physical comedy, and they all have smart heroines.  Anyways, summary of the story = watch these.

1.  Private Benjamin: Goldie Hawn is totally adorable and hilarious.  Her gross-ass husband (who she married for money) dies on her wedding night.  So she freaks out and gets talked into joining the army.  She’s daddy’s little princess who’s never lifted a finger in her life except to land a rich husband, so of course ridiculousness ensues.  Best part:  Mrs. Peacock from Clue is the army lieutenant [stay tuned for a post dedicated solely to the brilliance that is Clue – I have strong feelings about it.]

private benjamin

2.  Overboard: Again, Goldie Hawn.   A fairly ridiculous premise, but cute of course without being a super cheesy girly movie like (no offense), her daughter Kate Hudson.  Kurt Russell, pays her back for being a bitch by claiming her after an accident with amnesia and making him be his wife, put up with his gross poor house and unwashed gargoyles (children).  The kid that talks like Pee Wee Herman is really one of the best parts.

3.  Baby Boom: I could watch this movie over and over again.  Diane Keeton is a badass management consultant in New York who inherits a child (yeah, I didn’t say ANY of these movies were realistic) from a foreign relative so she has to figure out how to be a mom and a working woman.  Best part(s):  1. The plumber/roofer/electrician/jazz band leader.  2.  Her freakout when she has a breakdown and realizes that the above-mentioned plumber dude brings her to a vet instead of a doctor.

4.  Working Girl: Melanie Griffith, Staten Island native with a hideous accent (and haircut) is a secretary trying to break into the world of high finance.  I would too if Harrison Ford were there.  Best part:  Joan Cusack.  She is absurd and, as usual, amazing.  See sweet makeovers below.


5.  Annie Hall: I don’t really feel like Woody Allen necessarily fits into the category above described, but I’m anal and needed at least a round five, and I still think that Diane Keeton is adorable and amazing.  I feel like many a boy has fallen in love with Annie.  She just does what she wants, so that kind of ties this movie into my list.  And Woody Allen is just ridiculous and hilarious all the time.

Feel free to send recommendations to supplement this sadly short list.

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  1. Mallory

    you know you love legally blonde..

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