bocanegraHollerrrrr, the U.S. sealed their fate into the World Cup!!  Pretty sure NO ONE in this country cares.  That is the problem for me.  Mind you, I wasn’t watching the game on the edge of my seat – it was college football gameday – a girl has her priorities.  BUT, to be fair, it’s also not the actual World Cup.  I can’t get emotionally involved this early in the game.  It is very sad to me though that most Americans will never be emotionally involved, or even actually aware that the tournament is happening.  In Europe and South America, soccer players are celebrities of the highest caliber.  Americans worship celebrities that are famous for nothing other than being slutty, not wearing underwear, or maybe inheriting a fat chunk of change from Daddy (or more likely Grandfather or Great-grandfather).  Whatever that says about our culture, it ain’t good.

I grew up playing soccer so I’ve always had an interest in the culture surrounding soccer.  Frankline Foer wrote this great book called How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization (buy it here), talking about the importance of the soccer culture in different countries around the world and how it shapes and reflects everything from culture, politics, and religion.  There isn’t quite a theory about globalization in there, but it’s really cool how much soccer is intertwined in the cultures of..well, pretty much everywhere else around the world except us. Even the New York Times just commented on how the U.S.-Honduras game was a welcome respite to a country that needs distraction for the political turmoil and the general crappiness of their lives.  That just wouldn’t ever be the case here sadly.

It is on my life goal list in my head to go to a World Cup someday.  It might be a little too late to get my plans together for South Africa, though if anyone’s interested, I’d be willing to give it a shot…  I’ve been in Europe for the last two World Cups, and though I wasn’t even in the host country, it was just ridiculous.  Stores close down when their team is playing, people swarm the pubs to watch the game and dance in the streets when they win.  Why can’t that happen here??  I will likely end up adopting a random Cinderella story team that no one thinks has a chance.   It’s always more fun that way.  They’ll probably be a Balkan team.  Call me disloyal, but if the rest of the country doesn’t care… eh.  I’ll cheer for us too – we have some yummy guys too (see above), that is not just exclusive to Europe and South America.  Obviously, I use very strict and serious criteria when cultivating my loyalties.  I’m an American, it’s apparently allowed.

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