Destination Montenegro

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Porto Montenegro — Luxist.

I hope this becomes a new hot spot.  THEN, I hope some day I have enough money to go there.  First off, Montenegro has always been high on the list of places that I want to go.  For one, I LOVE the Balkans.  I know, it’s a weird fascination to have, but noone ever said I was all that normal.  I’ve been through Croatia and also to the Bosnian countryside, and it is absolutely gorgeous.  It is my biggest regret of studying abroad that I didn’t travel more around the region.  There is such an amazing mix of natural beauty and haunting history, not to sound super creepy.  Also, I’ve really wanted to go to Montenegro ever since Casino Royale came out, when I thought it was set there (in reality, it was filmed in a spa town outside of Prague in the Czech Republic – my favorite place hollerrr).
I’ve never been to Monaco either, but I love the old Hollywood glamour feel of the place (I’m also a little obsessed with their royal family – I think Princess Charlotte and I would be great friends.  Feel free to let her know that).  If Bernard Arnault (also a fascinating personality) and all his riches can bring this same kind of oppulence to the Balkans, I think that would be right up my alley.  Also, it appears that if I go there, it’s byo yacht, so I’m gonna need to add that to my shopping list.  Donations welcome.


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