Ford Focus (don’t worry, not the car)


Tom Ford designs for women ( UK).

This could be amazingly good news (were I a person that had enough dinero to fund purchases from the likes of places where Tom Ford would deign to design.  Much less his own label.  I can barely afford his sunglasses).  BUT, that aside, Tom Ford is an amazing designer that totally turned around the houses of  Gucci and YSL.  He’s always designed menswear, but man, he makes those men look GOOD.  Not to mention, HE looks incredibly good (Dear God, please turn Tom Ford straight so we can get married (obviously, that’s the one and only thing stopping our life together).  Love, Lindsey).  I mean, LOOK at him.  P.s. he is a Texan.  Mmmm.  But yet so fancy.

Side note speaking of Tom Ford:  Read this book:  The House of Gucci by Sara Forden (buy it here).  I know it seems ridiculous to read a book about a fashion house but it’s part fashion book, part business book (talks in detail about Gucci’s IPO and management issues), and of course part true life murder mystery and family soap opera.  What more could you want??

And have no fear (I’m sure you were very concerned).. . I will keep you updated on any future TF fashion line (or change in sexual preference, ladies).    You’re welcome.



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2 responses to “Ford Focus (don’t worry, not the car)

  1. Mallory

    Pure Love. mmm Tom Ford

  2. Nic

    I love that this is tagged with both celeb-stalking and literacy. One of the many reasons I love you.

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