It’s an addiction, but I’m trying to be responsible about it…


Warning to any boys (and people not trying to spend money):  I doubt you want to read this.  Moving on, I like to think of myself a a GREAT shopper.  I can justify pretty much ANY purchase, no matter the price.  I’m not joking.  And that’s a feat because I’m probably one of the more financially irresponsible people I know.  However, in these hard economic times of ours (especially considering I’m a student with a current income of zero), I have to be slightly responsible.  Note that I said slightly.  Since I’m supposed to be studying in the library, I do most of my shopping online.  My favorite site has always been, because they have free shipping and free returns.  Sooo, it’s basically like you’re at the store.  Ish.  And they have a wish list feature which stores everything you want – and you get to see it if they go on sale… back to being more financially responsible.

I’ve just discovered a new sample sale site that is pretty  much the best thing that’s ever happened to me.  It’s called  Things are HUNDREDS of dollars off, I don’t understand.  Maybe they fell off the back of a truck, but I’m not even mad.  It’s like the online sample sales like Gilt, Ideeli, and RueLaLa (the bain of my wallet’s existence), but it’s not a temporary online sale like them.  With Gilt, if you don’t get online at 11am on the dot for a specific designer, all the ridiculous deals will be sold out within literally 2 minutes.  So go to outnet instead.  It’s amazing.  Now…just how to fund it…They should probably pay me for my endorsement hah.  I did just buy a dress…

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  1. Nic

    I do not approve. Both of these sites only carry women’s clothes!

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