I Heart Weeds

WEEDS (season 4)So I’m a little behind on my tv (just as I am on blog postings, stupid law school…I’m sure y’all have all been devastated.), so really the best way for me to be the good  boob tuber I strive to be is Netflix (probably best invention ever up there with the apple de-corer and the Snuggie).  Weeds by far is one of the greatest shows out there.  It’s completely amazing and hilarious.  I curse the fact that I don’t get Showtime, though I’m sure that would be incredibly bad for my grades.  It’s so absurd, but it is clearly contagious as I find myself thinking it’d be pretty entertaining if my mom dealt pot.  It’s amazing what a hot mom can get away with in the drug world.  At least this is the lesson I’m learning (note to self, store away for future reference).  Other life lessons learned:  just smile and wink at the bad guys and they probably won’t kill you.  It’s great to be a chick.  Also, it’s good to befriend/share your drugs with city councilmen.   And if worse comes to worse, you can marry a drug lord and he’ll take care of you, especially if you have his child.  Just don’t try to run away and it’s all breezy.   Oh, and finally, don’t do drugs.  I mean, the show is basically like an after school special.

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