Irreverent Argentina


So, I have returned from Argentina.  Fantastic country.  I will agree that Buenos Aires should be a top city, and I will add it to  my personal list of favorite cities.  There are hundreds of neighborhoods in the city, all of which have totally unique characters.  The Argentine people are very hospitable, helpful, polite, and of course it helps that they’ll put up with my shoddy Spanish.  You will likely be subject to multiple Argentina posts, so I will try to spare you any long-winded diatribes.  I’ll just give the fun/quirky highlights of the city (Oh, and you’re duly warned, some of them are slightly irreverent, I’m not that sorry).

1.  Stoplights -the number one aspect of this country that should be adopted in ours is that before a stoplight turns green, it turns yellow, so you can rev the engine and get ready to go.  I realize this is more helpful when you drive a manual car, but I’m all about it because I’m always in a hurry when driving.  Also, Avenida 9 de Julio is ridiculous – 8 lanes each way.  Like an autobahn in the middle of a city.  Also, the lane lines seem to be somewhat discretionary.  Like stops signs, and BAC levels…

2.  Palermo Viejo -this is the artsy area, where the hipsters live.  On Sundays they have outdoor markets with hippies and the only dreadlocks that I saw around the country.  I wish I were cool enough to sit at one of the combination cafe/art galleries…I mean, I sat there, but definitely felt non-hip.  Old ladies were there though.  Hip, hip ladies.  Maybe that should tell me something…DSC01118

3.  Graffiti Part I -Argentines seems to have a lot of stencils that they use to spray paint their usually political graffiti messages.  I have never seen anything like this anywhere else.    The images have an array of messages from political opinions about the situation in Honduras, to the current government, to “hip hop rules.”  I wonder if they hand out these stencils to little punks that spray paint the streets at night or how it actually works.

4.  Graffiti Part II -This actually isn’t really graffiti as much, but more like public art.  The murals on the walls in this city are completely fascinating.  And truly art.  To the point where artists sign their names and note their websites on the sides of the buildings.  Some are political and have distinct messages, some commemorate historical aspects of the neighborhoods they are in, and some are, in the words of my travel companion, just a little too “domo arrigato mr. robato” for him.  See below. Try to pick which one he is talking about.

DSC01009_edited DSC01128_edited DSC01146_edited DSC01122_edited

5.  Golf Sauce – mix of ketchup and mayonaise.  Enough said I think.  Made by Heinz.  Now where is that in this country?

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  1. Nic

    I’m very glad to see that my ‘domo arigato’ comment is now immortalized on your blog 🙂

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