I’m Moving!

No, I am not moving out of my apartment.  I am a lazy ass, I hate moving, I will stay there forever.  Nope, I’m just moving sites!  Come find me at my new home on the interwebs!  http://wanderinglostblog.wordpress.com/


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Etsy Treasures: Jessica Durant

Jessica’s Little Shop of Illustrations by JessicaIllustration.

I’m sure I’ve said this before, but Etsy is an interesting beast.  There is some legit crap out there, not going to lie.  Like knitted Kleenex box covers.  But on the other hand, there is some great stuff, you just have to look for it.  I’ve gotten some great little pieces of art at really great prices.

I found Jessica Durant’s Etsy shop, and I think her illustrations are so great.  An example of the non-crap out there.  They’re stark and girly and modern.  Some day I envision having a major bedroom-sized closet with a chair to lounge in and great prints all over the walls.  These would be perfect.

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Book Slut: Design Edition

I’m sure if you’ve read this blog before, you know that I am a little obsessed with books.  I have a serious problem with the book buying en masse.  It just makes me happy.  I’ve been a little slow to really adapt to the iPad/Kindle revolution because I just like having all my books around me.    All the time.  I’ve been thinking the main aspects of my apartment that aren’t quite styled are my baker’s racks that serve as bookshelves.  Which is just silly, because my books are the most important part!  I think someone’s bookshelf can tell you so much about a person.

When I grow up and have my dream home, I plan to still keep my books front and center.  Like one of THESE:

Love the idea of the curtains that you can close over the shelves if you want a more sleek look.

Interesting combination of a living room and library, thought a little more brooding than my taste.

Cute little reading nook.  That glass table would be replaced with my vintage bar cart (that I WILL acquire some day).

Not sure I have the range of book colors for this – it seems a little too planned, but I love the idea of having your books be the accents and colors that make the room pop.

No room to spare!  Love the chandelier also – I am in need of a chandelier in my life.
Great accent to paint the back of the shelves and also intersperse some art and photos.

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Summatime Festival Gear

Wish I were at a summer music festival instead of on my couch!
Festival Fun: Dress Your Bestie for Bonnaroo

Theodora Callum maxi skirt

Lucky Brand flat shoes

Gold earrings

Hermès hat

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Party On, Wayne

“Yes, this is crazy, but soon we’ll be too old to do anything crazy”  – Alan Alda’s character, Manhattan Murder Mystery

So, I missed celebrating my half birthday on my blog.  It’s been a week or two, but I am officially 29 1/2.  Am I too old to be counting my age with fractions?  “I am 8 and 5/8ths!” (Was I the only 8 year old that talked like that?  Likely.  I was also concerned about taxes.)  I’m trying not to be one of those girls (it’s always the girls, we should collectively work on that) that has a meltdown on their birthday, but 30 seems like some kind of milestone that I should mourn commemorate (cue The Final Countdown).  And I have officially decided that I will celebrate and embrace – none of this “first anniversary of my 29th birthday” business.  None of this “this was not where I thought I’d be by 30” kind of crap.  It’s going to be “I’m 30 bitches, watch out!”  As you know, I’m all about that attitude adjustment – seems to be the theme of my blog (and the struggle of my life).    You’ll have to bear with me.

When I turned 29, my boss said “enjoy this year, it’s your last one before you have to act like a grownup”.  Thanks for making the future so bleak (though, at the same time, thanks for ratifying and legitimizing any and all past acts of childishness on my part).  Now, I’m not trying to say I plan to behave like Peter Pan for the rest of my life, but I don’t have a significant other, no kids, no mortgage, no responsibilities outside of my job – why the hell not DO WHAT I WANT?

Now, I have had quite a year so far.  I’ve been to Barcelona, Lisbon, Austin, Santa Fe, San Francisco, and I’ve got plans at the minimum to hit DC, very likely Colombia, and potentially one other fun weekend destination.  I guess I take for granted that I do have the ability to just jet without having to worry about any other responsibilities (remind me this every single time I try to get a puppy).  At the same time, a lot of times I just feel like I sit around at home alone, reading, or worse, watching crappy tv.  (My night tonight in front of Woody Allen doesn’t count.  Woody Allen is cultural.)  So here I am, (even though I know it’s going to be totally exhausting) vowing to have the most fun six months ever before having to officially behave like a grownup (though let’s be real, just because the age clicks over on one day like one of those 80’s alarm clocks, doesn’t mean anything actually changes, right?).  Send all awesome fun event invitations my way – I’ll be there!

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I’m Cheating on You.

I have abandoned you just this once, and have spent my time this evening on my favorite blogger, Heather’s, home space, as a guest poster for her weekly Wine Down Wednesday column.  I shall return to you, but for now, check out my post on some yummy Spanish bubbly here :).  I’m catching up on this week’s Bachelorette, so it is an occasion!

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Learn to Say Thank You

I found this video on Huffington Post (where all good and noble things live), and it is such a good reminder for all women, me in particular.  I have a problem (talent?) with the self deprecating humor (though I just say that people just don’t get me, but whatever…), but seriously, so many women I know have trouble accepting a compliment and simply saying thank you.  Why is it so hard??  (Most) people (unless you’re hanging out with Mean Girls, but then you’ve got more problems than this) truly mean it when they compliment you on your hair/clothes/general badassness.  Be grateful and happy and gracious!  This video is so hilarious, yet really hits the mark.  Point taken.  This is going to be my belated Memorial Day resolution.

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